The Approach

The difference between doing radio and this form of art, podcasting, is all about content.  The content will be un-rushed, as opposed to radio access and always hurrying to move along the show. The show will focus on interviewing, and having one guest to talk to at length, we hope to entertain fans worldwide.  As times have changed, so has technology.  I have set up these podcasts to entertain people. I will do that with stories you may have never heard, some stories you may have.

My Story

Aaron is a 30 year, radio broadcast veteran, his passion has always been what is now called Old School Music.  His interest started in Old School when the now labeled Old -School was in it’s infancy.  Back then, these songs were New School, cutting edge in the early to mid-eighties. A new rhythm chr format.  Aaron was in a breakdancing crew, before you knew it, moving them wheels of steel in the clubs of California’s Central valley.   In 1994, Aaron settled down as a family man and started doing country radio in his home area the Central Valley of California.  His legacy will remain as the most successful broadcaster/program director at Citadel owned KATM. One of the biggest country stations of it’s time.  Aaron left Citadel in 2011,  next up mornings at Denver’s Old School Station, Jammin 101.5

Aaron or Bubba Black as he is known returned to his home of the Central Valley and along with Knox Inc. and the LaRue family, started up a Brand New Radio Station at 105-9 FM in Stockton, The BULL.  Oh yeah, then he got some new grandkids does not do radio at the present time and now podcasts out of his 40-ranch, the Podcast Farm in Ripon, CA.


Aaron Goodwin -AKA- Randy “Bubba” Black