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Im looking to bend over and take it

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Im looking to bend over and take it

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Can you bend over and pick it up? She keeps dropping things on purpose so she has to bend over and pick them up. Coach told me to line up center, bend over and grab the ball. We might as well just bend over and take whatever's coming.

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And it does not turn me on when you bend over and back up into me. Leonard, my comforter fell down, and my sinuses hurt when I lookjng over. Register to see more examples It's simple and it's free No found for this meaning.

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Let me just bend over and get it. Coach told me to line up center, bend over and grab the ball. Helen: It means to takw to great lengths or to put in a lot of effort for someone or something. I mean, I also want to see you bend over, so Rude or colloquial translations are usually marked in red or orange. Guys just want to see me bend over.

I keeps dropping things on purpose so she has to bend over and pick them up. Neil: That's right. So I want to apologize for anything offensive in advance. Let's hear some more examples: I bent over backwards to get Jim what he wanted, but he never thanked me.

That's all for now. Our hosts were amazing lookung and bent over backwards to keep us comfortable. Neil: Did you guess the meaning of 'to bend over backwards'?

Translation of "bend over" in russian

And Neil is speaking in that rather strange voice because he's in a strange position. All rights reserved. I had no idea you could do that! I trusted him and then, he told me to bend over.

Bend over backwards

In the meantime, don't bend over for the soap. The script for this programme Neil: Hello.

She has nothing to complain about. Suggest an example.

To bend over backwards

The kind that will bend over and take her whipping without complaint. You never need to bend over. Thank you Neil. Helen: Yes. Now then, face the wall bend over and touch your toes.

When his children were small, he used to bend over backwards ben fulfill their needs, but now they do not care for him. Helen: Bending over backwards.

Bend over backward(s)

He will bend over backwards to help you; you just have to ask. Neil: Yes.

This phrase transfers the gymnastic feat of a backbend to taking a great deal of trouble for someone or something. Now if you were to say that someone bent over, then you would be commenting on their submissiveness or inability to stand up for themselves instead.

Idiom of the day

Helen: I'm Helen. For example: "The guys at work really bent me over, and cost me the promotion. Helen: Well, look at me! Helen: Ah, Neil, you must be careful not to bend over backwards too often! The problem is that you're not very flexible are you? You've done your duty — you've leaned over backwards. There is sex position we're you bend over at the waist, often over a piece of furniture, while the man enters you from behind.

Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. Helen and Neil talk about the different meanings of this phrase. You bend over to tie a shoelace, they make a note.

Okay, just warning that this explanation is somewhat crude and vulgar because this slang colloquism refers to a sex act. They held him in high regard and were prepared to bend over backwards to help him accomplish anything. Helen: Ahhhh.

Bend over backwards

Neil: No. I would bend over backwards for you — just let me know how I can help. Now as to how the phrase is actually used, it it used when someone forces someone else into a bad tae.

Neil: Wow! We bent over backwards to make them feel welcome and they didn't thank us once. I'll help you a bit, but don't lookimg me to bend over backwards. There is tough competition in the industry and companies are bending over backwards to keep their customers happy. We was desperately wanted a promotion and would bend over backwards trying to please his boss.